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Getting Started: Action Steps

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 8 comments

So far I have talked a lot about concepts and given you the links that you can take action with (with no solid direction) as well as reviewed a couple of tools that will be a great asset to you. Now that we have centered everything where it needs to be, I want to give you some direction and lay out simple action steps that you can take to start earning money. That way we can bring it all together.

There are only a few required components to get started and anyone can earn extra income, or replace it, through becoming a successful affiliate marketer. The costs of setting this up is very low, it can be free to start, but I suggest to purchase a few things:

A domain name (usually less than $3-$25 a year) and a membership with wealthy affiliate ($19 for the 1st month and $47/mo thereafter, they have a free version but it has some limits). If you use Wealthy Affiliate for free don’t buy a domain name as their free hosting won’t support it. I would also suggest taking part of the Strongbrook Experience ($199 one-time) and take part of their mentoring network (they have a free version but I suggest the $99/month membership). All those are things I pay for and use in my businesses and they have been invaluable in my growth.

So the Grand Total Startup Cost (free if needed or highly kick start your success for $221 your 1st month $146 per month following that). Once you have the feel of affiliate marketing you really only need to spend a couple of hours a day on the web to earn commissions but remember it is predicated upon you adding value to others and giving time for the law of gestation. It generally takes some 3 months or so for money to start trickling in and 6 months to a year for a full income to emerge. More time committed to it will speed things along.

  1. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. This will mentor you on how to building a cash-flowing website.
  2. Follow Your Passion (pick a niche). Remember that success isn’t the key to happiness, it is the other way around. As you follow Wealthy Affiliate (W.A.) they will tell you to pick something you are passionate about as you will spend much time focusing on this topic. While any niche can earn you money, as a side note check out Setting Yourself Up For Success In Affiliate Marketing and keep in mind the top 3 money makers usually fall within these three categories:
    • Money (e.g. something under Real Estate, investing, start and grow an online business, etc.)
    • Health (e.g. something under nutrition, dieting, stress management, etc.)
    • Relationships (e.g. something under dating for men, dating for women, getting your ex back, etc.)
  3. W.A. will also tell you purchase your domain name. Personally I have used Godaddy though you can do this through either www.Godaddy.com or www.namecheap.com (only do this if you have or are purchasing a premium wealthy affiliate account).
  4. Build Your Website. Again W.A. will guide you through this, you can follow this link for instructions.
  5. WATCH THE VIDEO: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

  6. Sign up for the Strongbrook Experience which will provide additional mentoring as well as show you how you can build assets and keep them protected. (If you simply do not have the $199 for the Strongbrook Exeperience you can at least sign up for their mentoring network for free.)


  1. Dominic

    Hi Jason, I love how you make the process to start our online business in an easy and straigthforward way. I just have a question about choosing a niche market. I am interested in unique and exotic toys of the world? Do you think there is a market for that or is it too specific and narrow of a niche? Appreciate your opinion Jason 🙂

    • Jason Westover

      Hey Domonic, while there is a point that you can become too specific that is not a niche that would fall into that category. You can see in a few simple searches that there is actually a really good following in searching for that.

      If you were to generally do a site for toys it is actually a little too broad of a topic. Narrowing it down to something like that will allow you to get a good target audience for your site while still being able to drive a good size audience as well.

      Sign up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate and they will guide and teach you through every step of how to do this kind of research and they lay it out in easy simple steps for you to follow.

  2. Divican

    I have thought for a while to start my own online business but as I can see i have to own my website in order to make it work. But now the problem is that i do not have any know how to come up with a website and how can I promote my business online.
    Is it hard to start a website?

    • Jason Westover

      If you want to have an online business then having your own website is definitely a key component.

      The awesome thing is that it is amazingly simple for anyone to create your own site these days. Its all about having a mentor show you the ropes and the entire process takes mere minutes. No coding or anything else is required.

      That is why I suggest Wealthy Affiliate for your website. They offer you two free WordPress websites, show you how to build and market them, and will host them for free. I do suggest there paid program over there free one simply because you get a whole lot more mentoring as well as you can use a customized domain name (that’s the website name, mine is financialimprovement.solutions) which adds a lot to your branding. As well as an unlimited number of websites hosted.

      There are many companies that will give you a “replicated site” and assign you an affiliate ID or something so you don’t “need” your own site, but the problem is that you have no ability or freedom to promote it, unless you use pay per click (ppc) marketing but that can more easily lose you money than earn it. Plus you are only advertising them at that point instead of building an asset of your own business and they often restrict you from competing with their own ppc campaigns. The links they assign you are easy to promote from your own site though, and you build an asset for yourself.

      The main thing is to just be sincere and provide people with value. As you provide value information and whatnot to others then your site will naturally grow in time. Google looks for the value your site brings to the table in order to rank you in their search engine.

  3. Anh Nguyen

    I love how easy to follow these steps are. There aren’t anything hidden around the bushes, just all the steps you need to start an online business.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start; not only does it have a great and friendly community but also easy to digest courses to boost start a business. It’s not easy though, but you’ve just gotta take ACTION.

    • Jason Westover

      Action is key, the awesome thing is that you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. It is certainly a seed that takes a bit of time to to cultivate after you plant it but it has amazing fruit. I think a lot of people are in such a mentality of feeling entitled and want it not that they miss a simple beauty and truth behind nourishing something and giving it a season to grow.

  4. Palanquator

    Hey Jason !

    Nice article ! You are really taking us through the process of becoming successful, and honestly reading your post, i feel enthusiast ! 🙂
    I have a question for you ! Do you think that for a beginner, all those products you mentioned are immediately necessary ? Or would you recommend to take a little more time to appreciate each one of the ressources you talked about ?

    I don’t know if my comment is clear, i’m french !

    Really nice post ! 🙂

    • Jason Westover

      For your first question: Oddly I would answer yes and no. Short answer, yes I do think they are necessary. They were key in my own personal success. They also both have free options so it doesn’t have to cost anything, you can upgrade after they are earning you money and paying for themselves if needed.

      You will just speed up your success if you put yourself in a position to play all in! The no part of my answer is that you can find success on your own without any one particular business. Much like my site, people find success outside of my site and guidance every day. Having said that I have advice and resources that will speed people along the way if they so choose.

      As for your second question would I take the time to appreciate one product at a time? No I would immediate jump into both. Here’s why, Strongbrook has resources to keep your mind where it needs to be for success, Wealthy Affiliate will give you the tools to make it happen, and you can utilize the two together to skyrocket your success even faster. They play hand in hand. My website is a good example of that.

      Whatever you do make sure that you pace yourself at whatever speed you need to for success. There is an interesting balance everyone must find in there own life. In planting a garden if you put too much there it will kill it and if you have too little it will be barren and you will have a poor harvest. Whatever you do plant good seeds and make sure you have the time, space, and resources to cultivate your plants.


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