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LIMITLESS Seminar Review

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Overall Ranking: 9.95 out of 10
Price: $499
Owners: Gerald Rogers & Kris Krohn
Website: limitlessseminar.com


Deep down, all of us want basically the same things: We want to have thriving healthy relationships. We want to feel healthy, sexy, and energetic. We want to have the money to enjoy life. We want to feel like we’re making a contribution and living our purpose every day. We want to feel loved and to feel happy. We want to “have it all.” We want to live a LIMITLESS LIFE.

During these 3 LIFE TRANSFORMING Days Limitless trains you on the Foundations required to Unleash…

  • Limitless Wealth: Claim Your Birthright of Prosperity and Abundance!
  • Limitless Health: Unlock the Transforming Power of Your Body and Mind
  • Limitless Connection: Experience Perfect Bliss with Family and Loved Ones
  • Limitless Power: Become Unconditional and Live Your Sacred Purpose

Despite our desires, many feel limited, stuck and struggling in many areas of their life. Based on statistics, MOST people are unhappy in their relationships, frustrated, unsatisfied in their jobs, and struggling – financially burdened by debt and unable to live the life they want.

In many ways, life is governed by current and past choices. Being exposed to “socially acceptable” choices limits your body, relationships, wealth and personal happiness. Emotionally charged moments in childhood have anchored positive and negative beliefs into your subconscious mind, which in turn drive your perceptions and mental operating system. These positive and negative beliefs are responsible for everything we either do or do not get in life.

Deep down, you know that you have your secret insecurities and they hold you back from your greater potential. Limitless’ Belief Breakthrough techniques are the blueprint and cornerstone of breakthrough, transformation, and unlocking your potential. These techniques isolate the foundation of any belief, and alter it by exchanging it for a Limitless belief. This is achieved by creating emotionally charged moments called Anchor Experiences, which anchor powerful, Limitless beliefs in place of the beliefs that do not serve you. Applying these techniques enables you to stretch past your limits.

Abundance, health, wealth, and happiness are right around the corner. Unlock your potential and begin breaking through your limits today!


I went through the first one ever offered and I staffed the second one. I gained immense value from both experiences and can honestly say they are incredible and over deliver what they advertise.
For the time being they only offer Limitless in the Salt Lake/Provo area of Utah and it is the kind of seminar that you really one get true value from by being there in person.


You will get out of this training what you put into it. This training is for anyone looking to improve their life in regards to their wealth, health, relationships, or purpose and are committed to doing something about it.


In addition to the general admission they also offer a VIP ticket. With the VIP ticket you get aprox an hour both Friday and Saturday morning of extra training. The first bonus vip session goes over their belief breakthrough script & training for up and coming coaches, trainers and mentors. The second bonus vip session entails an outline for a 7 figure marketing funnel for up and coming coaches, trainers and mentors.
They do offer One-on-One Breakthrough Coaching for $1,000. An “Exotic Adventure” for $5,000, the location changes I think quarterly. And for a limited time you can join The Limitless Inner Circle for $34,997. I believe the Inner Circle will be capped off at 100 people.


Once you have gone through Limitless and become a part of “the Tribe” they offer free training calls every Monday morning at 10am as well as you can join the tribe facebook page for continued growth. Both Kris and Gerald are easy to get in touch with.


I have already mention prices but if you go to http://financialimprovementsolutions.limitlessseminar.com and click to register for the event you can enter the coupon code: limitless (all lowercase) and pick up a ticket for an awesome price of $69 instead of $499.


Last summer I was stuck and struggling especially financially. I was blessed that through it all I had the most amazing marriage I could have dreamed of, and a loving wife who has always been there to support and strengthen me. We went to Utah to visit my family and while there my father (who is what some would refer to as a “seminar junkie”) told me that there was “another seminar” for “improving your finances” we should go to together. I said “sure, if it works out”. That was my uncommitted way of saying that I didn’t want to inconvenience my life if I had something more interesting or important going on, but at the same time, I am always open to learning more about improving finances…and I was at a point in my life where I really needed it.

This was at a time when I had $15 dollars in my bank account, no job, my residual income was a whopping $189.00 a year. I had thoughts about what I wanted to do, an idea of starting yet another business (I had already failed at 10 of them). I wanted to retire through real estate but had no way of moving forward. What got me to that point? A broken scarcity mindset and deep seeded belief that I was a failure at everything I did. A belief that money was hard to earn, that I wasn’t good enough, etc.

Despite my inclination to avoid it initially, I went to this seminar with my wife and my dad hoping beyond hope that since I was there I could find a good way to make a bit of money. I was expecting some kind of scam to be propagated but instead I found inward resolution and alignment and I got sooooo much more out of it than just a new outlook on money. They and helped me to identify within myself how I was unconsciously sabotaging my businesses and dreams. I broke through my beliefs that were holding me back and embraced a life where I knew, deep inside, that I am more than enough, that I am successful, that I deserve to live a life of abundance. Plus they gave me a free book written by Kris Krohn called the “Conscious Creator”.

By the time those 3 days were over my marriage was deepened on a whole new level; and I stepped into life with an entirely new perspective. What did that mindset change for me? Everything! It changed the way I interact and show up in life, which changed my results and the way people reacted to me. Which opened up new doors and possibilities, and before I knew it, within less than 30 days I had increased my resources and net worth by over $33,000; and it just kept improving. I revived and fixed an old failed business investing in real estate and started learning the keys that make a successful business.

I found the right mentors for me in my life and started putting the right team together. I learned to have my mind work for me rather than against me in living the life I want. So if you are wondering what LIMITLESS is all about… it’s about breaking the bands that hold you back in every area of your life. Imagine no conditions set on your ability to live and create lasting results.
Over-all I highly recommend Limitless!


  1. Billy Hunter

    Whoa, at first I saw the price but then i noticed the 10/10 so I couldn’t help but want to know why?!
    After reading through I soon realized why. This seems like such a good program to go through to open your eyes to the potential of life. So it’s actually only 69 bucks? wow! that’s great. Is that only for limited time or forever? This would be something I need to look into some more. Seems like a good opportunity 🙂

    • Jason Westover

      Yup only $69, I am not sure how long the coupon will last as I don’t own the company. I doubt it will be forever but this event was truly life changing for me and is what slingshot my success in life. I couldn’t give it any higher of a recommendation.

      Strongbrook is the parent company of Limitless and they have recently even come out with The Strongbrook Experience which not only gives you this for $69 but also gives you a 3-day wealth intensive seminar for an additional $69 and a free game plan so you can get on a path to retire in about 10 years. The whole package at normal pricing sells for over 2k so is a steal for only $138.


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