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Financial Improvement Solutions
Hey everyone

I’m Jason Westover and I’ve been described by one of my closest friends as having “an unshakable zeal and love of life”. I strongly believe that the ability resides within each of us, to build a life of happiness and fulfillment; where there is always more than enough in our bank account.

Imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to live in their own personal greatness, to serve and bring value to those around them; feeling at the end of the day that they have contributed to something greater than themselves. A culture in which companies make their impact on society their primary bottom line and the financial results that follow an ancillary benefit.

As a transformational leader and mentor, inspire people to do what inspires them and assist them to create results in their life that they want. I’ve been working on training thousands of people across the country to create the businesses and build the life that they want for years; and I have specialized in being a Financial Improvement Specialist* because, in a way, finances rest within the heart of everything.

Not only do you have to better the person you are to improve your finances; also ask yourself, what places some of the biggest strains on relationships? The truth is that none of us are really looking for more money in life; we are looking for the things money can bring us and what we can bring to others because of it. It all comes down to the fact that we are all looking for more fulfillment in life!

*Let me be very clear that I am not a “Financial planner” or any other kind of “Financial adviser”. I simply teach sound ways for people to improve their economic standing in life through remodeling the real estate between their ears and sparking thoughts to find ways to bring value to others. I teach people how to be their own boss as well as successful business principles that empower business owners to take their life to the next level. I don’t advocate traditional retirement paths of a 401K or the like because I think it’s a broken system that follows a path that teaches our society to remain poor. I like the idea of retiring within 10 years instead of 30. Of doing what you love, not being enslaved to debt and working menial jobs out of obligation your whole life.

I began this site with the goal to make the content of this site really valuable. I hope that it provides the tools as well as sparks some ideas and inspires and empowers you to success in your life and business.
The struggles that I have had in life and making a living are probably not that different than yours. In my path to eliminating financial issues and building wealth I’ve discovered tools and experiences that have greatly impacted my life and inspired me to reach deep inside and step into my own personal greatness.

What really ignited my spirit to break away from the mold of seeking a W-2 job was all the ups and downs in the economy, getting laid off and at times just barely keeping a roof over head no matter how hard I worked… I wanted security that working for others just wasn’t bringing and I especially wanted more time with my family.

Then, in studying, I heard Robert Kiyosaki say “Many times the rich will forsake meals, a steady pay check, a vacation, or the comfort of a nice home, to build or acquire real assets.” And Dave Ramsey say that “If you will live like no one else, later you can LIVE like no one else!” I knew I needed to start doing something different, if I was to start getting different results.

I found that the more responsibility I took for the results that I created, the more power I had to change it. I started taking a close look at what I invested anything in, not just money, but my time, energy, and thoughts. I developed a laser focus in the things that mattered most to me in the world… my family, being the change I wanted to see in the world, finding my purpose and how I fit into this world, as well as building my dreams into a reality.

Honestly, I didn’t find success at first… I found myself starting up and failing at 11 different businesses. That is a bit worse than average for an entrepreneur. What made the difference for me was when I got a couple Mentors to help me see my blind spots. They helped to to completely change my beliefs that didn’t fit with my goals. Once my beliefs were in alignment and I followed my mentor’s advice everything started clicking into place, money started flowing in from all kinds of directions, and I now own a few successful and very lucrative businesses.

What turned it around for me? I PERSONALLY made a DECISION to change my focus in life. I found one MENTOR who taught me to shift my mindset and beliefs. As quick as I did that, practically out of nowhere I stumbled across a business partner to fund my dreams and I went to work. When I was ready for building my next business I found another mentor who showed me how to possess the power and follow the principles of correct online marketing, then almost like magic everything else became EASY!

Basically I started following and exercising what W. Clement Stone referred to as the two greatest powers our life, the power to choose and the power of prayer, I would also add that underlying it all is the support of the most amazing wife I could have dreamed of. As someone who stands firm in my own personal faith in Christ, you will find many such references throughout my site. It is simply a part of who I am and I love the man I have become. I respect that your religious views may differ, so simply look at the principle that I am teaching through the reference or story, as there is value and universal truth within it.

So, if you are tired of struggling and want start making more money than you ever dreamed possible, then welcome; cause this ladder in life is pure awesomeness compared to the corporate one. For all of my many years of life lessons I love to ‘pay it forward’ for those who wish to truly start taking a deep look at their life and changing results. Feel free to as questions, comment, or hit me up.


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