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When we show up to make ourselves look better than we are, and to compete with others, no one wants to help us. When we show up to improve ourselves and contribute whatever we can to the group, everyone will want to help us.
  ~Simon Sinek

Open Your Own Business

  Creating a business can be one of the most worthwhile, or conversely, dreadful things a person endeavors to build. I know because I have built both. My goal is to show you how to make that journey a fulfilling and exciting adventure, because if you are looking to truly resolve financial issues creating a game plan for this is the best way to increase your income by far.

  An essential question to ask yourself before opening a business, or if your current business is struggling, is “why am I going to, (or did I), open this business”? The best entrepreneurs who I’ve met, don’t really start companies because their goal is to start a company, they do it because they want to make a change in the world and help people. If you are in business simply to earn a profit then you are in it for the wrong reasons and it will likely be choked by growing weeds. In order for your business to have strong roots it must be planted with a meaningful purpose, a powerful reason “why” and nourished by passion and a desire to serve.

  My most gratifying business has been with making a difference in the world through teaching and educating people on how to make their life better. And I started doing it off a budget that anyone could afford…$0 zero dollars! Down, the road I threw a bit of money at it, $10 here and $30 dollars there, then a few hundred here and there. I keep investing more time, money, and energy into it because of the difference I get to make and it inadvertently pays me in return exponentially.

  I also have a soft spot for Investing in Real Estate. You can both build Assets with this as well as a business at the same time and there are many paths you can take from fixing and flipping to done for you turn key properties to rent out.

  The key is I built up into it and there was a system created and a path laid out for me to follow because I found help to get me going. If you have money to invest you could go other routes as well. What I would suggest is going with a license or franchise; that way you have the path of ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ already laid out for you, you just have to follow it.

  It is a known fact that only 1 out of 10 businesses succeed. However, less known is that with a systematized business, there is a 90% success rate to where that 1 out of 10 becomes 9 out of 10. The “how to” path is lit up and there are trainers and mentors in place.

  I am big on people achieving the dream of owning their own business leading to financial independence. And doing so with as low of investment as possible. If you want to have a free consultation to see what your best options are for starting your own business then you can fill out the information below.

  1 Perfect Business has access to over 200 businesses that have been proven successful for their owners. There is no cost to you for them to help assist you in determining the type of business that will best fit you. They can match you up with as well as set up a business with your personality and that will bring out your desire to succeed.

  Filling the quick message below will give us an idea of what you are looking for in a successful business and enable us to set up a FREE consultation with a Certified Business Adviser that will help you see which type of business is the best fit for you.

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Questions on owning your own business? Finding the right one for you? What all is involved with it?

Feel free to openly ask anything about business ownership. As an entrepreneur I love open and honest thoughts, though please keep in mind I am not an attorney or accountant in anything I say. All feedback is welcome and will help others too.


  1. Layne S

    Hi Jason
    I just want to say that i had a fantastic time checking out your site. You had me in giggles with the Po recipe and then really made me reflect with your post on success. This particular post resonated with me as I’m currently reviewing the shifts i need to do in order to persevere in my online journey in building my business.

    Your site has engaged me. I’m sure it will do so with many more people.

    All the best
    Layne S

    • Jason Westover

      Thanks Layne, I love making a difference and I’m glad I could spark some thoughts for you to better your life!


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