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A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Money Boat Sinking Financially
Are you feeling stuck financially?
Perhaps you are sinking financially and have too much month at the end of your money?
Like you will never get out of the “rat race” or you just want to work from home with your kids?

If in answer to any of these Q’s, you’re thinking…YES!!! Then this site has life changing info for you. As Dave Ramsey said “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” I once heard someone mention that there are really only two kinds of money problems: not enough money or too much money. Which kind do you want? Unfortunately, most people only know not enough money. However, When you have the right belief system and you acquire the necessary knowledge on how to create, build, and protect wealth, you will become financially well off, even if you were not born into a wealthy family.

When you really shift the way you view life, making money becomes easy. If you want to get rid of poverty, talk about, focus on, and think about abundance. Many people have it backwards, thinking that when they get a lot of money then they somehow become more than they are and see things differently; in reality when you truly align your beliefs and actions and direct those efforts into a goal that fulfills your purpose and passion, in the process you become more than you are, then the money will naturally follow. Faith always precedes the miracle.

The reality is that you can do amazing things in your life, if you really want to. The key though is that you have to genuinely want it. I’m not talking about ‘I want it’ in the far off, someday sense. I mean the ‘I desire it so much I can almost taste it, right now, and I’ll make every effort I can to get it’. That’s the kind of desire that drives us to take action and set sail to create our destiny.

Being wealthy is not just making a lot of money; it’s about who you are, the value you bring, saving, managing, and accumulating wealth. People who have a lot of money create a cycle where they increase their income and build their assets which also increases their income. Their habits and patterns of thought have a major impact on their lives. They have an attitude that they can do anything, which creates opportunities and opens up possibilities. By and large they are optimist, who live and utilize happiness like a habit as well as experience and express gratitude often.

The Wealth Cycle
Poor people are significantly more likely to believe that genetics or that being “intellectually gifted” is critical to becoming wealthy or that wealth is gained accidentally or by chance. Ofttimes they are less likely to believe that they’re the cause of their own financial status in life. They incur expenses and liabilities that continually drain their resources, sometimes even increasing one to band-aid the other until it caves in on itself. The poor invest their time, energy, and money into simply surviving, instead of cultivating such and thriving!

The bottom line is that everyone in the world MAKES time for the things that is important to them; and You can’t create a life you want if it is too cluttered with the life you don’t want. In the book the Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki wrote about the principle Be-Do-Have. He said “’Be’ is the most important part of the three word formula. Most people want to ‘Have’ what the rich have, but they often are not willing to do what the rich ‘Do’ to have what the rich ‘Have’.
So, whether you have money or not, it is important to ‘Be’ rich if you decide to do so, which means being willing to make being rich more important than merely surviving financially or being comfortable.”

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.   ~Napoleon Hill

Starting a business, even if only on the side and part-time, is the best way I know of for bringing in extra income. If you are broke, a business can be started for free and if you have money to invest, it can speed up the process. The problem is that many who set sail on the idea of owning their own business, find that their ship somehow never even leaves the harbor or hits the reef near the shore and sinks. I sunk a few row boats and ships trying to follow and live my American dream. Every time I failed I had a ton of excuses and people to blame; until I shifted within myself, I looked inside and saw the true common denominator behind it all was… me.

if in a leaking boat changing vessels is likely to be more productive I started investigating what I could learn from each failure and examining my own personal beliefs that held me back and ultimately sabotaged each voyage. When I took responsibility for the decisions that ultimately lead me to where I was, I acknowledged that I was also the one responsible for making the decisions and changes to now get me out of being stuck. Amazingly, that is when I found the current in life that started naturally pulling me in the right direction.

Sadly, many hold on to their excuses tighter than they following than their dreams. Then they fail to take responsibility for the results this creates in their own life. When you take accountability for where you are and everything you have in your life, then it empowers you to be able to change it. We are presented with an abundances of choices and it is how we choose to live that creates our results. I get that you are probably currently working full time, have family obligations, and social commitments, etc. Just look at how you spend your off hours because they add up quick; and so do their cumulative results.

With the internet, TV, and technology in general you can accomplish great things in a short period of time, or you can get caught up in endless loops of triviality that waste your time and degrade your potential. With the click of a button, you can access whatever your heart desires. Therein lies the key …what does your heart desire? What do you gravitate toward? Where will your desires and choices lead? What we insistently desire, over time, is what we will eventually become. Only through educating and training our desires can they become our allies instead of our enemies.

I Choose to Live by Choice One of the best things I ever did for myself was back in 2001. Having already given up video games a few years previous I decided to quit watching the news, sitcoms, and other pointless (though entertaining) stuff on TV. Now I use that time to develop myself, to learn and to build my businesses, and better the lives of those around me. My personal suggestion is for you to do the same, as it’s a valuable investment in yourself that can never be measured. Instead of loud music, start listening to audio books and training while you drive or even just have quiet time to think about life. Do this and you can have your own personal ‘university on wheels’, every day learning and integrating principles of success. Within your capacity of choice, rests your power to become.

Any questions?

All feedback is welcome and will help others too. Improving your financial situation in life is very achievable. You can make it happen, but you need to take action and the sooner you start, the sooner you can experience the beautiful and freedom it brings. Always remember there is money to be made in this world and life-changing experiences that happen all around you, every day.

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So check out my page on increasing your income for some new ways of thinking of how to bring in more income. Boiled down, quit earning wages and find a way to make a profit. I always suggest doing this with something you believe in and have a natural passion for. The best way to earn profits is to start a business. Whatever you do, find a mentor to guide you as they will be a great strength for you in life and your path to success.

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  1. Jenny

    Hi Jason,
    I like the way you have presented the information, clearly there have been struggles with money and you have found a way to over come them. I wish you every success in your online business.

    • Jason Westover

      Sorry, I didn’t notice your comment stuck in spam. I would have approved you much sooner. Unfortunately there are many out there in similar situations and struggles. The good news is overcoming them is surprisingly easy once we truly decide to shift what we are doing and how we are living our life. I am glad I could share a new perspective to get you going on a great path in life.


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