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Increasing Your Income

With very few exceptions most people I have met posses a desire to somehow increase there income…the problem is that few people actually know how to go about it.

Too often people feel like Harry Potter when he was first reading his list of magical school supplies asking Hagrid “Can you get all this in London?” somehow to most it doesn’t feel possible.

Hagrid’s response actually applies here too. “If ya’ know where ta’ go!”

To get past walls that are holding you back from the world you long to enjoy; or to aparate yourself into a more successful place in your life, you must remember “the three D’s” Decisions Determine Destiny.

It’s not who are you or what you don’t have that holds you back from brilliant success. It’s what you think you need and who you believe you are not that holds you back.

Too often people let who they think are not define what they do in the now. They believe they need to hold on to their moldy peanuts clutched in there hand, never realizing they are in a monkey trap.

In reality all the need to do is just let go and grab for something better.

~Jason Westover

While we are on the subject of fictional stories, the Three Little pigs is a rather fitting tail that relates to the results we get in life.
In this classic tale each pig was in need of a home, though went about building one in fundamentally different ways. Sadly only one chose a way that gave them the security that each one was seeking and it was a way that took more effort to build.

Likewise, everyone needs income and there are fundamentally different way to go about building it.

Society tells us to get a job or go to college and get a career. Which is much like building our homes of straw and twigs. It is what the majority of the pigs (or society) thought they needed to survive.

The pig that truly built a secure home didn’t say “I don’t know anything about masonry or making bricks” and then give up. He actually sought the extra knowledge and took the extra time needed to make his of stone. It is much the same way when building a business versus taking the easy way to find a job.

Might starting a business be harder and take longer to build? Probably, but far more rewarding. Building a business takes a mindset shift.

Typical Wages mindset: What can I put up with while putting in as little effort as possible that I can get the most amount of pay for? What will my work of today get me in a week or two (a paycheck)? Will my family be able to survive on this?

Typical business mindset: What talents do I have and problems can I solve? What’s something I love doing that will be of service and benefit to others? What affects will this have on life in one two or ten years down the road? Will doing this meet the dreams and goals of my family?


While we all need income, how we go about bringing it in makes all the difference as to how much of it we have. In America we are raised like sheep to go out and get a job and that is what most people think they need. It is also one of the things that keeps them from finding true success.

Profits vs. Wages

It is through serving other people that money comes into our life and when it comes to increasing income, I am reminded about some powerful lessons I learned from Jim Rohn. He taught success isn’t the result something you do “Success is what you attract by the person you become.” He mentioned a truth that “your finances can’t improve any faster than you do”.

He was big into network marketing, which is not one of my personal passions, but side-stepping that, he taught some universal truths. He opened my mind to the difference between profits and wages. Earning wages there is only so much you can do to increase what you bring in:

  • If your employer will allow it, you can work overtime;
  • You can approach your boss and ask for a raise;
  • You can get a second job;
  • You can seek a different job which pays more;
Sadly, with each of these you are simply trading your time and efforts for a set amount. Which adds to the problem that there is only so much time we have in our lives.

So here’s one of the lessons I walked away with. “Profits are better than wages!” How long does it take to make a profit? He said “a little time and ingenuity and you are on your way”. And what are your limits with profits? You are limited only by your creativity and willingness to learn and put things into action.

Now that you Know that profits are the best way to earn money, also understand that money is simply a reflection of value and the amount you make in your personal life (or in your business) is always going to be directly related to three areas:

Number 1- Your mindset (what you think about, how you think about it, and the decisions you make from it).

Number 2- Your marketing (whether in your own business or just how you market yourself).

Number 3- Your Sales (your ability to enroll others into the value you have to offer).

So how do you increase your income?

Perhaps a quick parable can set the stage for this; There was potter who taught a class of kids about pottery. He started off by sitting before them a wheel, placed some clay upon it and within a short time he showed them how to transform the pile of clay into a beautiful bowl. He then asked for a few volunteers who would come and do likewise.

Within a matter of minutes a huge mess ensued and clay flew in every direction; however, no one made a bowl or anything even near it. When asked “Why?” they suggested all kinds of reasons ranging from “Not knowing how” to having no aptitude or talent for it. He said “Actually, no one came close because none of you had the clay perfectly centered in the wheel”. He then went and centered the clay for each of them, and each produced pottery that came out something like unto a bowl.

When you get your life “centered” where it needs to be, then molding it the way you want becomes much easier and in time develops into a beautiful and priceless art. You will still need to hone things and perfect your skills and as you do, your failures and successes will all lead and build you to become a better craftsman than you could have ever dreamed.

Properly Centering Our Thoughts

So let’s start by properly centering our thoughts about money (and how to make it) on our wheel of life. Everything in life starts with an idea, how we choose to cultivate our ideas and thoughts, then the choices we ultimately make from them, is what creates our results.

Most people only have the capacity to earn and keep a limited amount of money. Delving deeply into this will take time, (though to scratch the surface) there are certain thresholds you feel comfortable with, because of your internal blueprint about money and what you feel you are worth or even think is possible.

To get you started on the right path, ask yourself “If anything were possible, what would I want?” Then start pondering all of the possible “How can I?” questions that will lead you there. These questions start opening up possibilities for enabling you to accomplish great amounts.

When you start asking yourself things like, “How can I benefit the lives of others? How can I serve more people?” you get at the heart of an earning profits. Profits are earned by simply solving problems for other people for a financial return, which is perhaps the most essential definition of an entrepreneur.

Can’t find a job? Challenge yourself to create one for yourself,” Robert Kiyosaki says. “Want to start generating passive income and building assets? Do it! Find a mentor. Start a blog or podcast. Write an e-book. License your killer salsa recipe. Or join a network marketing company. You’re smart and creative and talented … so use those talents.
~Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki teaches that while there’s nothing wrong with working for a paycheck, it probably isn’t the best path to creating the peace of mind that so many overworked, super-stressed people sorely need. He also teaches that the rich think about money differently and have a different vocabulary.

So, since we know that wages are not ultimately the best source of income, then the question must be asked… How do you turn a profit? There are many ways, but I will stick to a few simple categories here.

Ways Of Earning Profits
  1. Earning a commission from someone purchasing something.

    This can either fall into the category of “building a business” or “working for someone” by becoming a salesman.

    In building a business you can again take this a few directions by either becoming a drop shipper, earn commissions through affiliate marketing, or (something I only suggest in a few unique situations) you can even join a network marketing company.

  2. Purchasing or Building a Business.

    Starting your own business allows you to tap into your passion and live life with purpose.

    By using unique gifts that only you have, you improve your quality of life and, in turn, make the world a better place.

  3. Earning money from an Asset.

    I suggest adding this after finding success through your business as it will fund it. I would alter that only if your business you build is in real estate investing in which case you will be able to build both at once.

Since my goal is to get you on a great path with as little of an investment as possible; for now we will bypass everyone’s “favorite career path” of becoming a salesman, or a network marketer trying to learn how to write a book on how to “loose friends and alienate people”, and get straight to some good stuff…owning and building your own business.

Start Earning Commissions:

(Cost, FREE… well, as Hagrid said “if you know where to go”)

  • Affiliate Marketing (FREE)– As far as earning commissions this is my strongest suggestion as anyone can build a sweet spot with it if they wanted to. The concept is simple enough and very teachable to put into practice, it just takes time. Affiliate Marketing is NOT to be confused with network marketing which is more a form of direct sales. I was being facetious in saying that becoming a network marketer would teach you to “alienate people” if you truly want my insights into network marketing you can look here.

Start a Business:

(Cost, $200 to Millions+)

  • Start A Business- Building or buying some kind of a Business is a solid solution. If buying a business is your dream then know you will need quite a bit of startup money. We have some solid options for you to look at on this site.

    If you are working on a tighter budget then you will definitely want to look at starting something from the ground up. For that I have written a book called “Turning Passion Into Profits – 10 weeks to a life of purpose in the work you love” and I am setting up a whole website to teach you how. TurningPassionIntoProfit.com

Earn From Assets:

(Cost, Anything)

  • Earning From Assets- An asset is something that puts money into your pocket, while a liability is something that takes it out. An asset can technically be anything as long as it has value, produces income and appreciates. Personally I look for assets that will be able to bring in money, whether or not I can work it day-in and day-out. I once heard someone say at a seminar that your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset. So focusing on boosting your income or at least maintaining your ability to earn a good one is very important. I would set forth that our time is our most valuable asset, which is why we should be careful where we invest it.

    Before we leave the topic of an asset here is some food for thought…

    1. Unless doing so for free, building a business is at first a liability until you start turning a profit. Keep in mind that statistically 1 out of 10 businesses fail if working on your own. However, when building a systematized business like a those numbers reverse to 90% of them succeed. Get a business coach that will help you succeed quicker and make sure you have a tried and true system you follow.

    2. Your house that you are purchasing is a liability until it brings in money, at which point it can be an asset. In the mean time it is simply an investment. Want to make it an asset? Get a house with something you can rent out above the garage or in the basement. (I always suggest using a property management company instead of managing it yourself).

    3. When looking for an asset would you consider making an investment like this? It’s a simple one that you only have to invest almost all of the money you can spare, maybe even a little more.

    On the upside, over time you might earn 3 or even 15 percent (maybe even more).

    On the downside any day you could lose it all, for reasons usually outside your control and that you will almost never see coming.

    Would you make that investment? Of course not.

    Yet millions of people do it all the time. I am no licensed financial adviser, but I would personally watch out for things like investing in the stock market and I would invest in things that pay no less than 7%. The reason for this is because after taxes and the increased cost of living, 6% is what an asset takes to not depreciate over time.

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