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Setting Yourself Up For Success In Affiliate Marketing

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Diverge and Create Success

There are many things I love about Affiliate Marketing, within it lies the possibility to make a much better income than the average American. But if you really set yourself up right, you can position yourself to make way more and find true financial freedom.

So what are some rare suggestions and key factors that will ultimately take you to extreme success? Look for ways that you will be able to leverage the most…

Brand Yourself And Set Yourself Up As An Authority.

One of the easiest ways to start with this, is to purchase your name as a url for a domain name. For instance when I first tried to start affiliate marketing I purchased jasonwestover.com. After some long debate when I decided to take my life a different direction with the value I was giving and start this site, I decided to go for a brand and url that encompassed my topic of teaching. Now jasonwestover.com will just bring you here because I am branding myself so that everyone knows if they want to increase their income, I am the man to see.

Pick The Right Niche

Some niches have more potential than others. Generally there is a reason that some markets are saturated while others are pretty small, more people spend money on them. Picking a niche that is too small will lead you with too few people purchasing for you to earn much commission off of. On the flip side, niches in the arenas of money, health, or relationships have a lot of money flow through them and it would be best if you found a unique angle to distinguish yourself. Tim Ferriss for example, created and branded the idea of the four hour work week and Justin Wilmot’s created the 10 Hour Wholesaler within real estate investing. Of the two I liked Justin’s program more though he got the thought from Tim.

Set Yourself Up To Eventually Create Your Own Product

All of the above will enhance the success of any niche, in the long run what will really catapult your income from implementing them will be to create products of your own. Creating your own products is not for the faint of heart, it will take work and a true desire to bring a lot of value. How do we increase our income though? We increase the value we give. With this end in mind you will generally want to think of a niche where you can create a scalable product.

Something that can ultimate be a video, audio, ebook or some other product that is created once and used many times thereafter with no other effort to make it will be something that really give you freedom. A continuity program, or membership program, is a program or site with a monthly fee and is great for creating residual income, though they also need to have a continual value to it for people to keep paying.

As a side Note if you create your products first as a video, it is easy to extract the audio and transcribe I to pdf to give multiple format options. Much more difficult to reverse the process…unless you fully write your script, record the audio and then only put slides to the audio. Different ways to go about it I suppose it depends what you want your video to look like in the end.

Run Multiple Campaigns

You can set up multiple affiliate marketing campaigns on various niches as described by Adam Short in his Niche Profit Full Control System but this is not something I have tried and tested yet, It is on my list to get to though.
Wish I could offer more insights on this but I didn’t want to exclude the possibility of it. Alternatively you can still run multiple campaigns within the same niche which is what I do with my site currently.

Practical Application

I am one that believes in transparency in everything I do. So how have I utilized and applied all this? As mentioned, I chose for now not to utilize my own name as a domain but I still might develop it later if I find an expedient purpose. I have developed a funnel of products that are all downloadable and added personal coaching to some of them for added value. There will come a time I am sure that personal coaching will disappear as it is limited by my time.


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