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The Po Recipe

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Kung Fu Panda - The Po Recipe

Have you ever seen Kung Fu Panda?

“Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend!”

Lol that movie makes me smile inside; in it the main character “Po” has a passion for kung fu, though he has never taken the time to study it and is completely inept at it. He was constantly looking at awe of what the “furious Five” could do and watched them with wonder as he followed everything they had ever done. Dreaming of how and wishing he could, have as much “pure awesomeness” as them.

In the most unlikely chain of events, Po was chosen to become the next person who would become a legendary warrior through reading the secrets of a “Dragon Scroll” and from that moment on he was in the presence of the amazing kung fu masters he had always idolized. Po followed them around taking a beating, getting nowhere, and was a joke to them, as he was so pathetic in kung fu they didn’t have a classification or place for him start…yet he never gave up and always worked toward success.

Everyone thought that the scroll had the power to magically imbue the reader with unbelievable prowess and success as a kung fu warrior. In the end when he read the scroll it was blank and simply showed a reflection of himself on a metallic sheet. His adopted father helped him to see the true meaning of the scroll. There is no secret ingredient that would make someone an undefeatable all-powerful warrior. To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.

The funny thing is, life is very similar. If we could see our financial dragon scroll we would see that “there is no secret ingredient” to the recipe of our soup (though there are certainly necessary ingredients). Po ended up becoming the most respected and powerful warrior and defeated the villain because an unlikely event showed up in his life, that made it to where he got to hang out with successful people. He had a mentor who helped him discover his unique way of learning and following his passion and discovered that he just had to be true to the awesomeness he already had inside. Throughout all that, Po never gave up.

I think a lot of people feel like Po in relation to making money. They see success in everyone else’s life, idolize and follow after them take a beating in life trying to learn how to do it, failing time and again with no visible progress and within the process somehow create a new “level zero” in life.

Kung Fu Panda - Master Shifu

If we follow the “Po” Recipe, We just have to find out who we are… and then do it on purpose! So the core ingredients to this recipe are:

  1. For Things To Change You Must Change: Most people live their live shackled; they are way too comfortable doing what they are doing, rather than doing what they are supposed to, and there is a cost to not living in your soul purpose of life. What if Po stayed in his father’s noodle shop his whole life? What if you stayed forever at your current job?

    Po literally strapped himself to a box of fireworks to change where he was, I don’t suggest a literal fire but light a fire under your but if you need to in order to get out of your current habits and surroundings and start hanging around people you want to be like. They say in life that you will are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

  2. Follow What You Love And Are Passionate About: Like in Po’s case, it might be the thing you most need to learn in your life or it can be something you are already good at and love.

    There are three core pieces to following your passion: (I) It must bring joy, (II) The contribution it makes (it must make the world a better place), (III) Growth (it must expand who you are, cause you to grow and be a better person) = Soul Purpose.

    Ask yourself, is it something I will enjoy doing all the time? Will it take the appropriate time for the income I want to make? And am I offering enough value? (I look to offer at least 10x the value for what I charge)

  3. Find Your Own Master Shifu: Find a mentor who will help you to navigate through your blind spots and be the right strength for you in your life to learn the art of living in your personal greatness.

  4. Self Education: Initially Po just wanted to be entertained by kung fu, the moment when he found true power from it, is when he actually studied how to benefit his and other’s life with it. In our society people would rather be entertained than educated. How do you spend your evenings? Watching a sitcom or movie to unwind and de-stress? Or developing new skills and learning and testing how to improve your life and the life of those around you?

    While everyone believes in learning skills and being educated, How you go about it makes a difference. Most people try following the same path of “go to college to get a good paying job that will enable them to retire and live happily ever after”. Where some 75% of the population lives check to check and when 90% of people retire they are destitute living off a broken system of Social security. Wealthy people understand that like Po, you must be educated in specific areas. They are willing to work for free and purchase programs that will teach them the necessary skills to achieve.


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    Wanna admit that this is very beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    • Jason

      You’re very welcome. I have a lot of thoughts about life. Unfortunately I found little engagement from this blog so I have moved on to other avenues in order to impact the world more.


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